Programme 2022

March 31

Legal Logic in Practice

This workshop was organised in cooperation with IRI§, the well-known International Legal Informatics Symposion. We looked at some practical aspects of legal informatics. Professor Friedrich Lachmayer spoke on the Visualisation of Legal Processes, Johannes Scharf and Max Cornelson discussed various aspects of Automated Decision Making and Professor Giovanni Sartor and Michal Araszkiewicz joined the speakers for an interesting discussion.

May 12

Artificial Intelligence and the Law

The term “artificial intelligence” is associated with both positive potential and many concerns. In discussions, however, it often seems as if concerns are generalized from only one use case. But: How should “artificial intelligence” be defined in order to address the associated risks, but without being too far-reaching in its regulations? At our workshop, organised together with IRI§, we explored this question from a technical and legal perspective.

June 23

Cyber Security

This joint ReMeP – IRI§ workshop was hosted by Fachhochschule St. Pölten. We looked at the very important subject of Cyber Security from different angles. The main topics included Cyber Defence Centres, the Cyber Killchain, the NIS2 Directive, Threat Intelligence and Situational Awareness, a Pen Quest and Legal Aspects of Cyber Security.

Sept. 5

Main Conference

In previous years, ReMeP almost exclusively focused on legal informatics, its applications and practical use. Now the time has come to broaden our view: At our annual conference, we are thrilled to have secured two very interesting keynotes: Professor Georg Borges will speak on the Automation of Business Relationships in the Industry 4.0; and Professor Jörg Schwenk will discuss the Implementation of a Logistics Contract in the Form of a Smart Contract on the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. We will have also a chance to take a glimpse at two interesting practical solutions for businesses: Roland Führer (Creditreform) will introduce a solution for the identification of business partners across different platforms; and Christian Steinlechner (OeKB) will present the ESG – Datahub. This year’s conference will conclude with a workshop on current cyber risk and possible ways for gamification of cyber security.

Nov. 16

Liability for Software and Artificial Intelligence – EU proposes new Directives on AI and Product Liability

The European Commission recently has published a proposal for a Directive on adapting non-contractual civil liability rules to artificial intelligence (the so-called AI Liability Directive). Concerns about AI liability rank among the most relevant obstacles preventing companies from adopting articifial intelligence systems. At our workshop, we will first get an overview of the EU proposal and then a few select experts will discuss the contents and implications.

Dec. 6

AI Technologies in Practice

Artificial intelligence technologies are in wide use in different fields of the economy and industry. At our workshop, we will discuss various practical appliations and have a look at the AI technology on which they are based.