Conrad, Jack G.

Jack Conrad

Before his recent move to consulting, Jack served as Director of Applied Research at Thomson Reuters Labs where he has focused on a broad range of technical application areas involving AI, machine learning and textual data processing. Within TR Labs, he’s fostered cross-team collaboration and communication in the process of implementing and deploying technology to meet the needs of Thomson Reuters businesses. For over two decades, he has delivered critical artifacts and infrastructure for research and business directed projects across a diverse spectrum of domains that have included legal, tax and news. Jack has published more than 50 peer reviewed research papers and has eight patents. He is passionate about the power of AI transformation in enterprise environments. Jack is past president of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law ( and has served on the IAAIL Executive Committee for 8 years. Jack’s areas of expertise include research in the fields of information retrieval (search), question answering, NLP, machine learning, data mining, and system evaluation.  He obtained his graduate degrees from the University of British Columbia – Vancouver (Linguistics) and the University of Massachusetts – Amherst (Computer Science – Information Retrieval).