Speakers 2023

  • Berteloot, Pasquale
    Law studies at the university of Grenoble, France; research assistant at the institute for tax law of the university of Cologne, Germany; from 1977 on at the Court of justice of the European Union in the directorate for legal translation; from 1989 head of the department for rationalising and digitalisation of the tasks of legal… Continue reading Berteloot, Pasquale
  • Bisset, Katharina
    Mag. Katharina Bisset, MSc is an independent lawyer in Lower Austria, CEO and Co-Founder of NetzBeweis GmbH and Nerds of Law. She is a disciplinary councilor in the RAK NÖ and a Member of the Working Group IT and Digitalization of the Austrian Bar Association.
  • Conrad, Jack G.
    Before his recent move to consulting, Jack served as Director of Applied Research at Thomson Reuters Labs where he has focused on a broad range of technical application areas involving AI, machine learning and textual data processing. Within TR Labs, he’s fostered cross-team collaboration and communication in the process of implementing and deploying technology to… Continue reading Conrad, Jack G.
  • Dévaud, Blaise
    Dr. Blaise Dévaud completed a law degree, then earned a master’s degree in business information systems and subsequently a doctorate at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. At Weblaw AG in Bern, he has been working at the interface between IT and law for over 10 years, most recently as a member of the executive… Continue reading Dévaud, Blaise
  • Geist, Anton
    Dr. Anton Geist, LL.M. MBA has been involved in the legal information industry, electronic legal research and legal tech for over 20 years. He has been working as team leader for content licensing and business analytics at the publishing house LexisNexis ARD Orac GmbH & Co KG in Vienna since 2012. In addition to his… Continue reading Geist, Anton
  • Lentner, Gabriel
    Gabriel M. Lentner is Assistant Professor of International Law and Arbitration at the Department of Law and International Relations of Danube University Krems and Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Fellow at Stanford Law School. A graduate of the Law and Logic Summer School at the European University Institute and Harvard Law School, he has been teaching… Continue reading Lentner, Gabriel
  • Pichler, Wolfgang
    Dr. Wolfgang Pichler is a lawyer and has worked in the legal information industry for more than 35 years. After several decades in the management of the publishing house MANZ, he acts in his current role of “Chief Evangelist” as brand ambassador for digitization.
  • Piroi, Florina
    A senior post-doctoral researcher at TU Wien, Dr. Florina Piroi is involved in interdisciplinary and Industry related projects in the domain of data science, focusing on data analytics / machine learning and underlying processes. She is currently coordinating the “iDSDL: Innovationslehrgang Data Science and Deep Learning”. She has received her PhD degree in 2004, from… Continue reading Piroi, Florina
  • Sageder, Christian
    Christian Sageder, is co-founder and managing director of Cybly GmbH. He has obtained his degree in computer science (Johannes Kepler University Linz). Before starting Cybly, he has been working for international IT companies, including Sony, SKIDATA, T-Mobile UK and Jamba. He has 20 years experience in computer science. He has managed multiple international mobile and… Continue reading Sageder, Christian
  • Sasdelli, Diogo
    Diogo Sasdelli studied Law at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Culture Sciences at the University of Vechta (Germany), where he is finalising his doctoral studies in Philosophy on the subjects Logic of Norms and Legal Informatics (title: Können Maschinen Rechtsfälle entscheiden?). Besides Logic and Recursion Theory, his main research interests are Philosophical… Continue reading Sasdelli, Diogo
  • Waltl, Bernhard
    As a computer scientist and expert at the intersection of law and computer science, Dr. Bernhard Waltl is a specialist in artificial intelligence and NLP. He works on different topics in the field of legal operations, legal tech, and legal innovation. Moreover he co-founded Liquid Legal Institute in 2018. He is a firm believer that… Continue reading Waltl, Bernhard