We are pleased to make available programmes, presentations and recordings of our previous ReMeP Conferences and Workshops. Please note that the presentations and recordings are only available to registered users. You can register on our site free of charge.

Thanks to our amazing speakers for allowing us to share their work! Your contributions were greatly appreciated and helped provide a forum for thought-provoking discussions on a wide variety of aspects of legal informatics.

ReMeP 2019 Legal Informatics Conference
(23-24 September 2019):

ReMeP 2020 Legal Informatics Conference
(8, 9, 16 and 23 June 2020):

ReMeP 2021 Legal Informatics Conference
(5-7 September 2021):

ReMeP 2021 Workshop on Visual Conceptual Modeling for Law (27 Oct. 2021):

ReMeP 2022 Workshop on Legal Logic in Practice (31 March 2022)

ReMeP 2022 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Law (12 May 2022):

ReMeP 2022 Workshop on Cybersecurity
(23 June 2022):

ReMeP 2022 – Main Conference
(5 September 2022):

ReMeP 2022 – Workshop on Liability for AI (16 November 2022):