Heydt, Volker

Volker Heydt was born in Hamburg in1942. He studied law in Germany (Hamburg, Münster, Berlin), focusing on public law. He has a particular interest for official publications (official journals). From 1968-72 he was Assistant to Prof. Bülck (chair for international and European law) at the Postgraduate school for Administrative Sciences (Speyer, Germany). 1970 Expert study about… Continue reading Heydt, Volker

Di Tomaso, Vittorio

First generation entrepreneur, Vittorio is co-founder of CELI – Language Technology, now part of H-FARM Innovation. He also is co-founder of Blogmeter, the most advanced Italian platform of Social Media Intelligence and Synapta, an innovative spin-off start-up of the Nexa Center of the Turin Polytechnic, whose mission is to bring the methodologies and technologies of… Continue reading Di Tomaso, Vittorio

Rodríguez-Doncel, Victor

Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel (1978) is Associate Professor at the Artificial Intelligence department of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), conducting research in areas related to Semantic Web, Language Technologies and Law. He is editor of several ISO/IEC international standards for representing intellectual property righs (ISO/IEC21000-19), editor of an W3C Recommendation for representing policies (ODRL), and author of… Continue reading Rodríguez-Doncel, Victor

Eder, Stefan

Stefan Eder is a lawyer and partner at Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte GmbH, an Austrian law firm with clients around the globe. He focuses, among other things, on IT law and data protection and has advised corporates and private clients on IT-related issues for more than 30 years. Aside from the law he also studied business informatics… Continue reading Eder, Stefan

Kowalski, Robert

Robert Kowalski is Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London. He studied at the University of Chicago, the University of Bridgeport, Stanford University, the Univer-sity  of  Warsaw,  and  the  University  of  Edinburgh,  where  he  completed  his  PhD  in 1970. He joined Imperial College in 1975. Kowalski’s early research was in the field of automated theorem-proving, leading… Continue reading Kowalski, Robert

Kahlig, Wolfgang

Prof. Wolfgang Kahlig studied Business Sciences at the TU Vienna and received his degree as a graduate engineer in 1974. In 1978, he joined Philips GmbH as a project manager for the automation of economic processes (development of database systems in the Netherlands). Until 1983 he seved as head of department for banking systems at… Continue reading Kahlig, Wolfgang

Wahlgren, Peter

Peter Wahlgren is professor of legal informatics at Stockholm University and presently (2019-23) Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Professor of Legal Science. He is the director of the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute http://irilaw.org/ and was between 1999-2020 editor of Scandinavian Studies in Law. Peter Wahlgren has a long experience in law and IT/AI and… Continue reading Wahlgren, Peter

Palmirani, Monica

Monica Palmirani, full professor of Computer Science and Law at Bologna University, School of Law, Italy. Graduated in Mathematic, Ph.D. in Legal Informatics and IT Law, teacher of several courses since 2001 on Legal Informatics, eGovernment, Legal drafting techniques, and Legal XML.She is member of CIRSFID, one of the main centers of excellence in Italy… Continue reading Palmirani, Monica

Shadab, Houman

Houman Shadab is the Director of the Innovation Center for Law and Technology and Professor of Law at New York Law School. Houman is a prolific and influential expert whose research and software development focuses on enterprise software, legal technology, and commercial transactions. Houman has testified before the federal government several times, including before the… Continue reading Shadab, Houman

Fill, Hans-Georg

Hans-Georg Fill is a full professor at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and head of the Digitalization and Information Systems Group. Prior to his engagement at the University of Fribourg he held positions at the University of Bamberg and the University of Vienna. He holds a PhD and a habilitation in business informatics from the… Continue reading Fill, Hans-Georg